As a third-party logistics company Accutime creates custom logistics solutions for our customer through powerful Infrastructure and technology, including superior network, range of fleet equipped with tracking system, backed by powerful web-based transport management system and integrated managed transportation services.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Services

After the GST implementation, the average shipment weight and volume has gone up substantially creating a need for a new transportation system in India. Reduction in multiple warehousing locations has lead to load consolidation to fewer warehouses increasing average weight of the shipments sent to these distribution points. These shipments are normally known as less than truck loads in the markets outside India and part loads in Indian market.

To meet this requirement, Accutime has designed a door to door transportation service capable of transporting less than full truck load shipments from production to distribution and consumption centers in the shortest possible time by road in India. The cargo is carried direct to destination over long distances connecting major production and consumption cities.


  • Fastest connectivity by road
  • Safe delivery by avoiding multiple handling
  • Modular pricing with multiple service options
  • Real-time shipment visibility in supply chain
  • Technology enabled quality customer experience

Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

When you think of easy, flexible and affordable trucking transportation, think Accutime. At Accutime we provide on-time full-truckload (FTL) transportation services throughout India. FTL will take your items on a long haul, meaning it will go straight to its destination, making no extra stops. We ensure that your shipment is being shipped safely, securely, and on time.

You can count on us to bring you cost savings and efficiency to every shipment! We drive business forward with our full range of FTL freight options at competitive rates.

At Accutime, we provide safe and reliable freight transportation. We take pride in the professionalism of our drivers, fleet maintenance programs, dispatch systems and tracking capabilities – reasons why our FTL pick-up and deliveries are on schedule 99% of the time!

Here’s how we deliver the service you need:

  • Top of the line technology with satellite tracking for complete visibility of shipments
  • Fast, safe and reliable service
  • Providing flexible solutions

If necessary, we provide expedited services to help our customers meet their commitments. We drive to finish every shipping job on budget and on-time.

3PL-Contract Logistics

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions:

Accutime works on the value chain concept using a framework for examining linkages between Suppliers, Producers, Buyers, Intermediaries & End users.
Warehouse management
is an integral part of the supply chain management we offer. Our warehousing and distribution service is designed to support our clients' sourcing and distribution needs. From warehouse design to efficient storage facilities, from automatic data identification and data capture (AIDC) technology to an experienced team – Accutime covers all aspects of Warehouse Management to ensure productivity.

Key Features:

  • State-of-the-art Warehousing facility.
  • Fully Automated Inventory Management.
  • WiFi enabled network.
  • Well trained man power.
  • Safe and Dust Free environment.
  • On-site maintenance & support.
  • Fast, efficient, error free Supply chain system.

We store all goods according to legal parameters needed for good supply chain management like proper hygienic handling of items to minimize contamination, dust free environment and temperature controlled storing of goods. We have also introduced vertical pallet racks for optimum space utilization and which can support storage density better.

As reliable logistics service providers in India, we ensure safety for clients’ valuable goods at every step. All facilities for safe unloading / loading are available in the premises. The seasoned security personnel we have employed assure proper security of goods of our customers. We also offer value added services such as re-packing into unit size, labelling, invoicing, transportation or any other related activities as required by the customer to support their supply chain & distribution needs.

Accutime has handled a diverse range of products like office automation equipments, automotive products, Polymer, Polyester, plastic products, ceramic tiles and sanitary wares, Food and agri commodities, Industrial pallets, grocery etc.

Services Offered:Services Offered:

  • Safe and mechanized inward/outward operations
  • Barcode scanning for systematic data storage
  • Packing & labelling
  • Accurate maintenance of stock and stock records
  • Accurate and timely record keeping and reporting
  • Clear identification and traceability of goods
  • 24 hours security